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At the heart of the Amputee Coalition’s mission is our peer support programs. Our goal is to make sure that no one goes through this journey alone. We believe that support comes in many forms and can make an incredible difference in recovery and rehabilitation. An experienced, well-trained peer can offer encouragement and information from a place, and at a pace, that an individual in this circumstance can better absorb.
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Become an Advocate

The Amputee Coalition is the only national non-profit representing the limb loss and limb difference community in Washington, D.C.  As the independent, unbiased, evidence-based voice of people living with limb loss and limb difference, we work to improve care through advocacy, education, support, and prevention.  We can’t do it alone.  With your help, we can improve the lives of more than 2.1 million Americans living with limb loss and limb difference and the 28 million more at risk to lose a limb.
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Ambassadors and Community Champions

The Ambassadors and Community Champions play a unique role in reinvigorating the current community, reaching new community members, and raising the collective voices and overall awareness of the limb loss and limb difference community. If you want to get involved as an influencer, inquirer, storyteller, or networker, sign up today!

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